Thank you for helping us improve our service!

This survey helps South Dakota'sĀ Aging and Disability Resource Center, Dakota at Home, further improve the service customers receive when they call our phone number for information, referrals, and assistance.

* 1. After calling the Dakota at Home phone number and hearing the professionally recorded greeting, was your call connected to a person or did it go to voicemail?

* 2. If you reached voicemail, how much time passed before you received a call back?

* 3. Do you feel the amount of time that passed before you were contacted was reasonable?

* 4. The Dakota at Home staff  who spoke with me was courteous.

* 5. The Dakota at Home staff listened to me and did their best to assist me.

* 6. The Dakota at Home staff I talked to was knowledgeable and shared helpful information about the available services.

* 7. The Dakota at Home staff I spoke with explained the options available, including why some options may not be available to me.

* 8. On whose behalf are you calling?

* 9. Dakota at Home provided me with the information I needed.

* 10. I will call Dakota at Home again.

* 11. I will recommend Dakota at Home to others.