About the Friends of Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was formerly known as the Betty Cretekos Scholarship. Betty Cretekos was a staff nurse and one of the original members of Friends of Nursing. She was always a strong advocate for nurses at the bedside. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage staff nurses to participate in their professional organizations by supporting their ability to attend national meetings. 

Only meetings on the approved national meeting list will be considered. Each scholarship will award up to $1500 to cover air and hotel expense. Up to two scholarships will be awarded twice a year. One scholarship will be awarded to a staff nurse or ANM and the other to a Patient Care Manager, APN or Nurse Coordinator.  Staff eligible for the award includes both clinic and hospital staff nurses. Previous award recipients are not eligible. Only meetings in the United States or Canada will be considered.

- Employee for at least 2 years
- 0.75 time commitment
- Plan to bring back information to Stanford i.e., in-service plan, change in practice plan etc.
- Letter of support from Patient Care Manager
- A second letter of support from another colleague i.e. APCM, Educator, CNS, MD or peer

Application process:
Applications must be accompanied by a brochure or written information from the professional organization about the plans for a future meeting that includes the dates and location. 
Recipients will be selected based on the strength of their applications. Each application will be independently reviewed and scored by reviewers from the hospital. Only projects with scores greater than 75 points will be considered for funding. Applications with the highest scores will be awarded the scholarships.
Application Points Breakdown:
- Application Questionnaire: 60 Points
- Managers letter of support: 25 Points
- Second letter of support: 15 Points
Please email Elizabeth Borgueta eborgueta@stanfordhealthcare.org if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you.