About the Friends of Nursing Grant Funding

The Friends of Nursing Grant is funding for:

1.  Evidence-based practice & quality improvement projects
- Projects: Awards of up to $1,800 per project.
- Purpose: To support evidence-based, quality improvements in patient care.  
**NOTE: Research Study proposals requiring IRB approval should submit to the Stanford Nursing Alumni Legacy Grant
2.  Patient education projects
- Projects: Awards of up to $1,800 per project.
- Purpose: For the development of patient education programs and/or materials, such as slide/tape presentations, pamphlets, booklets, other handouts, evidence-based practice projects and videotapes.
**NOTE: Costs or partial costs of training aids that directly support studies or education projects will be considered. Nursing time is not supported.

- Employee for at least 2 years
- 0.75 time commitment
- Plan to bring back information to Stanford i.e., in-service plan, change in practice plan etc.
- Letter of support from Patient Care Manager
- A second letter of support from another colleague i.e. APCM, Educator, CNS, MD or peer

Application process:
Recipients will be selected based on the strength of their application. Each application will be independently reviewed and scored by reviewers from the hospital. Applications with the highest scores will be awarded the scholarships. 

Application point break down:
- Application questionnaire:  80 points
- Manager’s letter of support: 10 points
- Second letter of support: 10 points 
Only projects with scores greater than 75 points will be considered for funding.