Freedom of Information Customer Satisfaction Survey

This survey has been produced in order to measure how well we respond to requests for information.

The survey is completely anonymous and all completed responses will be directed to our Freedom of Information email account.

The results of the survey will be evaluated with a view to improving our processes and service.

Please DO take a few minutes to complete our Freedom of Information Satisfaction Survey and let us know how we dealt with your request.

Please DO NOT use this form to make a complaint about a specific FOI response you have received from us. Instead please write separately, by email or letter quoting the relevant request reference, to the Information Governance Manager as specified in our original response.

Thank you for taking time to help us to improve.

* 1. Please rate in the overall quality of the service our Trust provided regarding your FOI request

* 2. Please rate the degree to which you felt our response answered your request

* 3. Please rate the ease with which our response could be understood

* 4. If any of the information was withheld, were you told the reason(s) for that and which exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act had been applied?

* 5. If any of the information you requested was withheld, were you given information about how to request a review or complain to the Trust and the Information Commissioner?

* 6. Did you receive the information within the 20 working day deadline? If 'Yes', please skip question 7 and go to question 8.

* 7. If you answered 'No' to question 6, because you did not receive the information within the 20 working day deadline, were you advised about the delay and kept informed of progress?

* 8. Did you try to find the information first in our Publication Scheme on our website or anywhere else on our website? If your answer is 'No' please skip question 9 and go to question 10.

* 9. If 'Yes' to question 8, how easy was it to find the information that you were looking for?

* 10. Is there anything else we could have done to improve the way that we dealt with your request for information? If not, please leave blank.