1. Part 135 Survey

* 1. Do you currently own an aircraft?

* 2. Have you ever had your airplane on another company's Part 135 Ops Spec?

* 3. Have you ever considered applying for a Part 135 certificate?

* 4. If yes, did you obtain a certificate?

* 5. If you answered No to question 4, please check applicable boxes.

* 6. Is your aircraft currently wet leased (aircraft and pilot) to a Part 135 operator or has it ever been wet leased to a Part 135 operator?

* 7. Is your aircraft currently dry leased (aircraft only) to a Part 135 operator or has it ever been dry leased to a Part 135 operator?

* 8. Would you consider obtaining a Part 135 certificate if issues in question 5 were minimized?

* 9. Are you aware of the FAA's focus on operational control of Part 135 flights?

* 10. Are you aware of enforcement actions against corporations operating Part 135 flights illegally, in particular involving renting out Part 135 certificates?

* 11. If you would like to be contacted by JDA Aviation Technology solutions, please enter your contact information.

For more information about the 135Pro program, please contact Tom Stuckey at 301-941-1460 extension 210 or 817-733-6808. He can also be reached via Email – tstuckey@jdasolutions.aero