Your business

The How's Business survey is conducted by AWIA, the Australian Web Industry Association. It's to be filled out by ONE PERSON ONLY in (ideally) every web industry business in the country.

The survey is anonymous.

- Analyse the differences between members and non-members
- Identify skills shortages
- Learn what the industry's main issues are
- Measure how much pro-bono work is going on so we can publicise that.

Thanks for your time!

You can apply to join AWIA if you're a professional person or company working in any area of the web industry:

* 1. Which of the following best describes your business model?

* 2. If you converted all your contractors to full-time employees... (eg. a contractor working half a week = 0.5 of a full-time employee)

* 3. How long in total have you personally worked in the web industry?

* 4. How long has the company you are working for been in the web business?

* 5. Do any of the categories below account for 50%+ of your business income? If not, choose MIXED MARKETS.