We want to hear from you!  As work begins both at reopening our physical space and reinventing who we are as a church, we are seeking your input on what makes Prince of Peace special to you.  It’s 4 questions.

4 questions…  that could change the direction of our church.

4 questions…  that will not just sit in a document.  These will help us shape what Prince of Peace will look like in the coming months. 

4 questions… that give you a voice. 

Please take a few moments to prayerfully respond to this 4 question survey.

Your answers will be shared with the Forward Leadership team and Council. Summary data will be shared with the Re-forming teams.

If you are not able to access or reply to these questions, please let us know and we will have someone contact you to get your responses.  You are a part of this church and we want to hear from you!

Question Title

* 1. Name(s)

Question Title

* 2. What experience do you like most about Prince of Peace?

Question Title

* 3. Can you share a story about your experience? (note: if people mention specific names, we may need to redact the name for privacy reasons)

Question Title

* 4. How does this look different now and how might this look different when we are able to gather in person again? If so, are there elements of the experience that you hope you remain?