* 1. I was formerly in:

* 2. When I left, I was offered ___________ to help readjust by my community/diocese.

* 3. In regards to offered support:

* 4. Presently, I consider myself:

* 5. In regards to my vocation:

* 6. When you left religious life/seminary, to which Diocese did you return?

* 7. In which Diocese do you currently reside? (If different from prior question)

* 8. We would appreciate it if you shared your name and email address. It will be kept private and only used to let you know more about our ministry. If you are willing, please enter it here:

* 9. Thank you for taking our survey. The information you have provided will help us better assist former Seminarians and Religious as they transition back into the world. Please feel free to add any additional comments, thoughts or experiences here: