Career Confidential is considering having a blogging contest on our website, which gets approximately 400K visitors per month.
How the blogging contest will work:
1. Write an article or Spin an existing article
2. Submit it to us (in ready to publish form) for us to post on our site
3. Drive traffic to it
4. Maybe win a Prize.

Topic is "Find a Job". For example, "Fastest Way to Find a Job" or "How to Find a Job" or "Best Way to Find a Job". You get the idea. Multiple winners and prizes to be awarded. The winner will be the author of the post that receives the most unique visitors during the contest. That means that the sooner you write your article, the more chance you have of getting more readers for your article.

* 1. Have you ever participated in a blogging contest before?

* 2. Do you currently have an article that would fit this topic? Or would you write a new one? (We are open to receiving previous articles with a fresh spin.)

* 3. If you choose to participate, would you be interested in having your article appear in a Career Confidential-published eBook collection of the best articles, with all your website links?

* 4. To win the contest, you must drive as much traffic as possible to your post within the contest time frame. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners for most unique visits. What prizes would motivate you to participate? (Choose the order of importance to you).

* 5. What is the likelihood you will submit an article for Career Confidential's blogging contest?

* 6. Please contact me when you launch the blogging contest, I want to participate!

* 7. I have some ideas or opinions for you to consider. Here are my comments/suggestions.