Child Protection Feedback Form - Professional

We would like to hear your views about the Child Protection Conference process as we are always looking for ways to improve our service, so please fill in this form.

The information you have put on the form will be kept strictly private and confidential and your name or other information will not show on any study report.

* 1. Name (Optional)

* 2. Date of Conference

* 3. Was the parent/carer present at the conference?

* 4. Which agency do you work for?

* 5. Did you complete an assessment and analysis of risk before the conference?

* 6. If not, why?

* 7. Was it shared with all members including the parent/carer?

* 8. Did the Chair clearly explain the purpose and agenda of the meeting to all attendees?

* 9. Did the Chair obtain each agency’s concerns regarding the child/children and clearly summarise the risks and protective factors?

* 10. Did the Chair clearly explain to the parent/carer what the concerns were (past harm, future danger, grey areas and complicating factors)?

* 11. Do you feel the parent/carer understood?

* 12. Did the Chair clearly explain to the parent/carer what needs to change/happen (future safety)?

* 13. Do you feel you were involved and able to participate in the meeting?

* 14. Do you feel the parent/carer was involved, able to participate and listened to in the meeting?

* 15. Do you feel that your views on how to protect the child/children were recognised and reflected in the Child Protection Plan?

* 16. Do you feel that the child’s/children’s views were heard by the conference?

* 17. Do you feel the meeting was …?

* 18. At the end of the conference was there a clear outline plan with expectations and timescales?

* 19. Do you feel the parent/carer were clear as to what was expected of them?

* 20. Are you clear about your responsibilities within the plan?

* 21. In cases where registration was agreed, do you think the Chair’s decision on categorisation was the right one?

* 22. If not, why?

* 23. Any other comments

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this form.