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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the nation in ways unlike any other event in recent history. The nature of the disease, the duration of the event, and the extraordinary number of cases and deaths have required innovative practices and tactics and has spurred new collaborative processes across four separate disciplines: public health, emergency communications, emergency management and emergency medical services (EMS). 

The National Association of State EMS Officials is leading a project [OR insert project name] to develop Model Guidelines to promote collaboration between these four disciplines and is seeking to identify innovative and strategically effective methods from across the four disciplines within the states to determine if they can be further developed into guidelines for use in preparing for any future events.

To that end, we are asking you to complete this scan, providing hyperlinks or submission of documents that we should consider.

The project’s Technical Expert Panel (TEP) designed this scan around XXX domains relevant to the management of large, enduring events like the pandemic. Known challenges for each domain are described with a few thought-provoking sentences and examples of solutions that may have been developed. As you read through the domains, keep in mind that the goal of this project is to develop guidelines for adoption within states’ systems which support collaboration between two or more of the identified disciplines. Therefore, we are particularly interested in those solutions which were:
  1. Implemented at a statewide level; and
  2. Supported the collaborative work of two or more of the four disciplines.
We acknowledge that other domains may exist or that some practices and tactics may not fall precisely within a listed domain. Therefore, we have included an opportunity at the end of the scan for you to provide this information.

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Through the remainder of this scan, we will ask the same questions for each domain. We will provide you the opportunity to skip domains if the area is not relevant to your situation.