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The incoming Team Presidency – Ireland, Lithuania and Greece – together with the European Commission and the European Youth Forum have agreed Social Inclusion as the overarching theme for the 18 months from January 2013 to end June 2014. This theme will emphasise the concept of social inclusion involving all young people, in addition to those with fewer opportunities. The Trio Presidency will ensure support for the overall theme of Social Inclusion via their specific priorities throughout the 18-month mandate. Hence, Ireland will more specifically focus on the contribution of youth work to the development, wellbeing and social inclusion of all young people.

Social inclusion is ‘’a process which ensures that those at risk of social exclusion gain the opportunities and resources necessary to participate fully in economic, social and cultural life and to enjoy a standard of living and well-being that is considered normal in the society in which they live, It ensures that they have a greater participation in decision-making that affects their lives and access to fundamental rights’’ . In that perspective young people are of special interest for social inclusion, as they are one of the groups at risks of exclusion and as they shape the society of today and tomorrow. Therefore, It is crucial that social inclusion policies also aim at ensuring that all young people are included in society.

The first phase is focusing on the challenges for the social inclusion of young people and looks into how quality youth work can enhance the social inclusion of all young people, considering that it contributes to the realisation of young people’s potential and their active participation in the society. Youth work is ‘’a broad term covering a large scope of activities of a social, cultural, educational or political nature both by, with and for young people’’ . Youth work provides young people with the opportunity to acquire experiences, develop competencies and it increases social, communal and individual capital. Ensuring quality in youth work provision can allow to reach out to all young people and optimise the role it can play in their lives.
With a view to preparing the debates and exchange of views of the Irish Presidency’s EU Youth Conference, we would like to submit the following questions to you: