* 1. How many employees work at your company?

* 2. How important is supervisor's training for the health and safety of your people?

* 3. How do you learn best?

* 4. What are your top concerns with your supervisors? (please choose all that apply)

* 5. How would you rate the importance of skills that your supervisors should have?

  Not important at all Somewhat interesting to have Important Critically essential
Clear understanding of legal responsibilities in terms of safety.
Accept personal accountability for safety.
Training skills for new workers.
Verbal communication skills.
Ability to monitor, supervise and correct workers unsafe practices.
Implement discipline in a professional and respectful manner.
Take pride in work.
Proactive to solve problems.

* 6. What would the value of this training be for your supervisors and your workplace?

* 7. If an interactive workshop focused on leadership in supervision was offered in your area, would you be interested?

* 8. If you are interested, how many would you expect to attend?

* 9. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about how to make this course more valuable and effective for your organization?
Example topics include:
- Are workers available for a full day course or should the training be broken into two 1/2 day courses?
-Preference for private on-site training versus off site training open to participants from other companies
- Are there specific company problems that you would like to see addressed?