1. Introduction

20% of survey complete.

Thank you for participating in this survey. It's very simple, all we are interested in knowing is whether you would like the presidential candidates to let us know if they care about making diabetes and overweight and obesity a national priority. We will use the results of this survey to send a message directly to the Presidential candidates, showing them that there is a significant portion of the population that needs their attention on these very important issues.

Seven percent of us have diabetes in the US, over 17.5 million people. At least six million more have undiagnosed diabetes. Over 50 million have pre-diabetes. Over 60 million are overweight or obese and many of them are part of the 50 million with pre-diabetes.

diaTribe would like to know where the presidential candidates stand on this and what they think should be done. We wrote to them a few weeks ago and haven't heard back from anyone yet. If you could help us by letting us know you care and would like their views, we'd be grateful.

We understand they are busy and we just want someone on their staff to help communicate with us and our readers.

As always, we take your privacy very seriously. No identifying personal information will ever be disclosed, your address won't be used for any reason except to communicate with you on this topic.

Gratefully, kelly