1. Introduction

Welcome to the EMS Suggestion Box!

This site is designed for you to help the State Board of EMS and the EMS Division of the Department of Public Safety improve the way we carry out our responsibilities in ensuring that the citizens of Ohio are well served when they become victims of sudden illness, injury or fire.

As a citizen or a stakeholder, you have valuable insight into our operations. The EMS Suggestion Box is an open invitation for you to share your suggestions about how processes and procedural matters can be improved.

Specifically, this feedback program is designed to identify operational inefficiencies, and to continually improve our responsiveness, eliminate redundant or unnecessary services, improve customer service and streamline processes.

On the following pages you will be asked to identify an area of improvement and then to provide one or more suggestions on how to make those improvements.

We will acknowledge and review all valid suggestions received through this site. We can’t guarantee that we can update you on the status of your suggestion and we can’t guarantee that all suggestions received will be accepted and implemented.

Please note that because of the volume of correspondence we receive, we will not consider any suggestion that doesn't have any constructive ideas for how to make improvements.