The purpose of this survey is to provide an opportunity for users to express their opinions relative to the functional and physical aspects of the facility. This information will be used to improve existing facilities.


* 2. Please rate the following questions:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree N/A
My school is well organized and runs smoothly.
My school encourages a sense of pride in achievement and a sense of self worth.
I enjoy being at school.
My school is a clean place.
My school is in good physical condition.
This school is meeting my educational needs.
This school is appropriate for the age/ grade levels of students served.
There is enough lighting in public spaces (e.g., cafeteria, washrooms, and hallways).
Entrances and exits to the building are well marked.
Outside spaces are attractive and well maintained.
Parking lots are well-lit.
I feel safe in the parking lot.
I feel safe inside the building.
Outdoor spaces for student activities or hanging out are important to me.
Overall, I am satisfied with my school.
I am proud of my school.
If you have special needs in terms of facilities due to a physical handicap, etc., are they being met?

* 3. Are there areas in this school that are inadequate?

* 4. What area of this school do you not use and why?

* 5. What is your gender?

* 6. What is your school year group?

* 7. The one aspect I most like about this school is -

* 8. The one aspect I would like to see this school improve is -

* 9. How could this school be utilized more efficiently?

* 10. Please list any places where you feel unsafe at school or on the way to school.
What could your teachers and principal do to make school feel safer?

* 11. Please use this space to give us your ideas about how we can improve Rockford Public Schools’ buildings and grounds to make them more modern, appealing, comfortable and better for learning and teaching.