Welcome -  Parents Opinion Survey.

This survey aims to help Malek Fahd Islamic School understand parents’ perceptions, particularly regarding communication between parents and the school. The information gained from this survey will assist school management to address areas of concern, and make recommendations to facilitate improvements to your child’s learning environment.

This survey is anonymous, and all information is kept completely confidential.

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* 1. Please tick one of the following options:  I am a parent of:

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* 2. Please rate the following items according to your level of agreement
A) Communication between school and home

  Strongly disagree Disagree Slightly disagree Slightly agree Agree Strongly agree
The school effectively communicates the policies and procedures.
I feel the school provides sufficient parent-teacher interview sessions over the year
I have sufficient knowledge of the content my child will learn during the term
I am able to discuss my child’s progress with his/her teacher
I know who to contact if my child is experiencing bullying
The school works with me to support my child’s learning
I have access to my child’s teacher (s) when I feel the need to contact them
The school provides me with clear information concerning daily routines, excursions and special events.
Teachers/Welfare Coordinators ensure that I am made aware of any behavioural issues in a timely manner
The school keeps me well-informed of my child’s academic performance, including any notable changes
The school provides me with clear information on any political or educational changes that may affect my child/s schooling.

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* 3. Complaints handling processes and procedures

  Strongly disagree Disagree Slightly disagree Slightly agree Agree Strongly agree

Feedback and constructive criticism are welcomed by the school

I am aware of the school’s complaints procedure.
I know where to go if I have any complaints/concerns or feedback

My concerns are taken seriously by the school’s leaders.
Generally speaking, I am happy with the way the school deals with problems and concerns I have.

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* 4. Parent involvement

  Strongly disagree Disagree Slightly disagree Slightly agree Agree Strongly Agree

I feel well informed about school matters.

The school offers opportunities for me to become involved in the decision-making process

The school provides an inviting atmosphere to family members

The staff who work in the front office are friendly and helpful towards parents

I feel that generally, the school works in partnership with me as a parent

The school helps me to be involved in my child’s learning

The school wants and encourages parents to be involved in the decision making of the school.

The school welcomes my involvement at events they run (e.g Eid Festival, Formal, Graduation)

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* 5. Please write three things you would like the school to do better:

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* 6. Please write three things you think the school does very well:

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* 7. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Please note that your responses are kept completely confidential. If you have any further comments related to the school, particularly the relationship between parents, teachers and students, please enter these below.

(Note: if there is anything in particular that you would like to discuss with a staff member in relation to these survey questions, please contact the Admin staff at the school.)

Thank you for taking the time to help us make our school a better place.

Yours faithfully, Executive Principal.