Let Your Voice Be Heard!

FMHCA's Government Relations Committee (GRC) recently submitted a report to FMHCA's Board of Directors (BOD) recommending that the BOD authorize the GRC and FMHCA's lobbyist to solicit legislative sponsors for a Mental Health Counseling bill for the current legislative session.  The bill was designed to accomplish four things, including:

  1. Add Florida to the interstate counseling compact, enabling LMHCs to practice (in-person or via telehealth) in states that are members of the compact without obtaining an additional license.
  2. Revise F.S. 916.115 to include LMHCs, LMFTs, and LCSWs in the list of mental health professionals courts can appoint as expert witnesses.
  3. Revise F.S. 491.005(1)(c) to remove the requirement that registered interns have a licensed mental health professional on the premises when providing clinical services (including telehealth).
  4. Replace the terms "registered mental health counselor intern," "registered marriage and family therapy intern," and "registered clinical social work intern" with "licensed associate mental health counselor," "licensed associate marriage and family therapist," and "licensed associate clinical social worker" consistent with most states.

The GRC issued a 5-page report to the BOD explaining the rationale for these changes, potential benefits and drawbacks, and how each issue relates to the AMHCA Code of Ethics as well as FMHCA's mission and purpose. 

Consistent with FMHCA procedure, we are asking members to provide their feedback on the proposed bill.  Please click here to read the 5-page report and then answer the following questions.  We thank you for your invaluable feedback!

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