People's Choice Vote

A big thank you to the entrants in our 2020 Photo Competition.

The judges have made their selection from the 54 submitted photographs and awarded the main prizes.

Now it is your turn to vote!

Which of the 28 short listed photos (featured in the video in order of when their entry was received) do you think deserves recognition? The winner with the most votes will receive the People's Choice prize of a classic photograph donated by Chapman's of Castlemaine.

PS. Just in case you are wondering, the main prize winners are included in the short list so we don't give away any hints but won't be eligible to win this prize.

Voting closes at midnight on Friday 27 November, 2020.

Please join us when the results of the Photo Comp are announced at 2pm on Sunday 29 November.

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* 1. Select the number of the photo that you want to receive your People's Choice vote

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