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* 1. Classification?

* 2. Gender?

* 3. Age?

* 4. If an employee, in which department do you work?
If a student, in which clubs/organization are you a member?

* 5. Where do you live?

* 6. What is the current tobacco policy at CBU?

* 7. Second hand smoke is defined as the smoke from a burning tobacco product and the exhaled smoke from a person smoking. How often do you notice second hand smoke around the entrances of campus buildings?

* 8. To what degree are you currently exposed to second hand smoke at CBU?

* 9. Do you have asthma, respiratory issues, or allergies that are affected by breathing in secondhand cigarette smoke?

* 10. Given a choice, would you choose to enroll in, work at or live on a tobacco free campus?

* 11. If you are in favor of tobacco free campus at CBU, would you prefer that tobacco free be defined as:

* 12. Do you mind being around smokers?

* 13. How often do you use tobacco?