We are seeking feedback from tertiary education institutions (TEIs) on the TEI Financial Monitoring Framework review.

Please email your completed online form by 21 February 2017 to: Kirralee Mahoney, Senior Analyst, Monitoring and Crown Ownership, kirralee.mahoney@tec.govt.nz

General information

* 1. Please provide some information about you (optional):

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General feedback

* 3. The FMF is a fit-for-purpose tool for use in identifying potential financial risk.

* 4. The FMF is an appropriate measure for determining if the Risk Assessment Criteria apply.

FMF terminology

* 5. The viability and sustainability categories should be removed and replaced with alternative groupings. Please offer any suggestions of categorisations in the comments field below.

* 6. The FMF terminology of low, moderate and high risk should be replaced. If you agree, please answer question 7. If you disagree, please move to question 8.

* 7. The proposed new terminology should be adopted. If you disagree, please provide feedback or propose additional terminology in the comments section below.

* 8. The proposed new category of immediate or extreme risk should be added.

* 9. The FMF should move to terminology that rates performance, rather than risk – i.e. strong, moderate, poor.

FMF measures and methodology

* 10. The 3-year average viability measure should be removed.

* 11. The trend and variability in average viability measure should be removed.

* 12. The FMF should include a staff student ratio measure.

* 13. The FMF should include a capital assessment management capability score measure.

* 14. The FMF should include a single score measure relating to an investigation (which found areas of concern or resulted in funding recoveries), statutory intervention, or material departure from funding conditions in the last five years.

* 15. Please feel free to comment on other performance measures, or offer additional measures in the space provided below.

* 16. The FMF should move to a points accumulation system.

* 17. The proposed criteria for including undrawn borrowing in liquidity calculations should be adopted.

* 18. Undrawn borrowing should automatically be included in liquidity calculations if a TEI is meeting its borrowing consent covenants.

* 19. A tiered risk assessment framework with different low-risk thresholds should be adopted.

* 20. If a tiered system is adopted, TEI should be grouped by:

* 21. Please indicate your preference for receiving FMF reports.

Any other comments

* 22. Please provide any other feedback or comments you would like to share.