Paper, Print or Both?

Let us know how you prefer to receive your issue of the CJP.  If you tell us that you do not read the print version, we will remove you from the mailing list and save paper and cost of shipping.  You will continue to receive the flip book version with downloadable PDF (unless you unsubscribe).

Each print Journal costs approximately $12 per person.  Almost $50 per year.  This is in addition to the cost incurred to translate and publish the Journal.  Providing online only would save the association $9000 per issue, $36,000 per year.  Therefore, we do want to know who wants the paper version and who doesn't.  That way, we can utilize the savings incurred by NOT printing and shipping unwanted Journals, in other areas, to further the work of the Association.

* 1. Do you believe that the Canadian Journal of Pathology is of value to pathologists in Canada?

* 2. Are you reading the Canadian Journal of Pathology?

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