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Hello, this is Noah Coad and I'm moving my blog to its own permanent location and would appreciate your input. thanks

* 1. Which new blog address do you think is best?

* 2. Which blogging tool is better?

* 3. Comments, other ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc?

* 4. Totally optional here, but if you don't mind sharing your name it helps to know who's making the recommendation. (email helps to confirm, but again totally optional)

A little more context... if I used knowacode.com the blog title would be "Know-a-Code" so it'd be phonetic and it's own 'brand' (w subtitle "Noah Coad's Stream of Consciousness"). If using WordPress I'd used hosted WordPress, probably from http://wordpress.com. With BlogEngine.Net I'd host it, with the idea of occasionally writing plugins. okay, that's it, thanks