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* 1. This is the free prize - if you put your email address here we'll keep you updated about each version of the eBook (no spam, just a few updates) and you could win a pair of free licenses to the book. The pair of licenses means that you and a friend get a copy of our eBook free of charge (along with all the updates, of course).
We'll announce the winners once the first chapter is ready for publishing.
You have to fill in all the questions below to be in the prize-draw.

* 2. What do you use screencasts for?

* 3. Which Operating System are you using when you make screencasts?

* 4. Which screencasting packages have you used?

* 5. With more time, planning and practice could your screencasts be better?

* 6. If your screencasts could be better - what needs to be better?
Please mention any difficulties you had, frustrations, limitations of the software, shortage of time - anything that you think held you back from making a great screencast.

* 7. When planning a screencast, how many hours do you spend thinking about the needs of the viewer?

* 8. When planning, how many hours do you spend creating story-boards and scripts?

* 9. When you start recording the screencast, how many hours in total do you spend recording the screen and audio?

* 10. Having recorded the screen and audio, how many hours do you spend producing the finished screencast (including time for editing and adding graphics and annotations)?