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* 1. Have you ever heard of the "For Dummies" book series?

* 2. Please tell me what you know about "For Dummies" books.
Either a particular book, or the series in general. Do you read them? Like them? Dislike them? Never tried one? Give me your opinion.

* 3. Have you ever read a "For Dummies" book?

* 4. If you are familiar with the "For Dummies" book series, either as a reader of them, or just from general knowledge, please suggest some possible titles that might interest you (if any) in the series.

* 5. Please share any additional insights you may have about the "For Dummies" book series, that you think may be helpful to share.

* 6. Thank You for completing this survey. I appreciate your input.
I've been a fan of the "For Dummies" series for quite some time, and I recently became curious to know what others think of the brand.

I'm not currently selling anything, nor am I affiliated with Wiley Publishing or the "For Dummies" brand. I'm just looking for some like-minded people that may be interested in being involved in a possible "For Dummies" forum or social networking group.

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