JBiG 申し込みフォーム / JBiG Application Form

JapanFest is being held online for the first time this year. Companies who are members of JCCG can participate in JBiG by donating company goods and submitting promotional videos. We look forward to your participation! (Application deadline: 7/24)

We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide a donation to include inside our Mystery Bags, which will be sold at JapanFest's online shop. (Please note that providing donations is optional)

ご提供いただいた企業様には以下の特典がございます。 Please see below for participation benefits. 

1. $300以上 あるいは$300相当以上:JapanFestブログで企業紹介・企業動画掲載・JBiGページ内で企業紹介・クイズ・ホームページへのリンク掲載・JapanFest Webinarの無料開催(詳しくはお問い合わせください)
1. Donation of check or items equivalent to $300 or above: Receive an introduction post about your company on JF Blog, company information published on JBiG page, link to your homepage, and host webinars with JapanFest for free (please contact us for more details).

2. $300未満 あるいは$300相当未満:企業動画掲載・JBiGページ内で企業紹介・ホームページへのリンク掲載
2. Less than $300: Showcase your company's promotional video, publish your company information on JBiG page, and link to your homepage.

3. 協賛品・協賛金なし:ホームページへのリンク掲載
3. Without donation: Link to your homepage.

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* 2. 協賛品・協賛金 Donation

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