Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The following questions are suitable to those who use one or more social networking site.

* 1. Which category below includes your age?

* 2. Which social networking sites do you have an account with? (If none, please click 'done' at the end of the page)

* 3. Are you subscribed to the posts and updates of a business/brand page on a social networking site? (If no, please click 'done' at the end of the page)

* 4. Which THREE of the following are most important to you when subscribing to a business page on a social networking site?

* 5. Have you ever intentionally clicked on an advertisement that you came across on a social networking site?

* 6. Have you ever unfollowed or unsubscribed from updates from a brand/business?

* 7. Which TWO of the following would most make you want to unsubscribe from updates and posts from a business social networking page?

* 8. On a social networking site, how likely are you to do each of the following...

  Not Sure Unlikely Likely Very Likely
Complain or give feedback DIRECTLY about a product or service to a business or brand
Complain or give feedback INDIRECTLY about a product or service to your social networking contacts
Be influenced into buying/not buying a product after a social networking contact posts feedback about it
Share or repost content that has been posted by a business
Redeem a discount code or voucher that has been posted on social networking site
Find out more about a product/service that has been recommended by your social contact(s)

* 9. Do you believe that marketing using social media is MORE effective than using traditional media such as; television, radio and print?

* 10. Which TWO methods would you prefer your favourite brand or business to use to directly communicate with you for marketing purposes?