Country Leaders are the real World Tour heroes. They organize every aspect of their Tour leg and lead participants through their country itinerary while on location.

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* 3. Phone Number (with country code if not a US number)

To best serve the interests of the Class of 2019, there are certain requirements of Country Leaders. Country Leaders must:

(1) Be available January - March/April and willing to devote some of their free time on a consistent basis to planning and preparing for their country leg.

(2) Research, identify, and select hotels, entertainment, activities, meals, in-country travel, and other logistics in order to create a detailed itinerary and budget utilizing the templates that will be provided to you.

(3) Submit your detailed itinerary and budget to your Regional Leader by the required deadline (February 28th at the latest for most Country Leaders).

(4) Attend your entire country leg and participate in all activities.

(5) Coordinate the reception of participants at the beginning of your leg and coordinate with the next Country Leader to ensure a seamless transition for all participants to their next stop on the Tour.

(6) If possible, seek out and engage with local CBS Alumni in your country. Aim to have one alumni event during your leg.

(7) Handle cash collection from all country participants using the suggested guidelines and tips that will be provided to you.

(8) Advise participants on visa requirements, including the relevant application website(s) and application deadlines.

(9) Appoint one or two Country Co-Leaders to help you organize your leg of the tour and manage participants in country, and notify your Regional Leader of the appointment(s). The Executive Planning Team can help you identify possible Co-Leaders as well.

(10) Keep all participants updated through your chosen communication medium and ensure that everyone has access to it.

(11) Ask all participants to post their photos on social media using the selected Tour hashtag, #cbsworld2017.

(12) Take one group photo and email it to If possible, include a Columbia Business School sign/insignia in the photo.

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* 4. Do you agree to these requirements and would you like to become a World Tour 2017 Country Leader?

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* 5. Which country would you like to lead? You may select up to two countries.

Please note that dates are tentative, but have been based on everybody's stated availability. Given that we need to ensure smooth transitions between legs, Country Leaders should be willing to be flexible the week before and the week after the stated dates until the country list and Tour schedule dates are finalized in the Spring.

The following countries already have leaders: India, Mauritius, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Greece, France, Spain, China, Yacht Week – Croatia, Philippines, Hungary and the Czech Republic. If you are interested in being a Co-Leader for any of these countries, please email

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* 6. If you selected a country without dates, what dates are you available to lead your country tour?

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End Date

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* 7. If you selected two countries, please indicate which one is your first choice. We cannot guarantee that everyone will be assigned to their first choice country.

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* 8. If you selected two countries, would you be willing to lead BOTH country tours?

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* 9. Please briefly explain your interest in leading the country (or countries) you selected.