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July is Parks and Recreation month. To celebrate, we are looking for champions — people whose steadfast volunteer efforts bring success to environmental stewardship, community service and healthy, active lifestyles.

This is your opportunity to thank the Parks and Recreation volunteers who make a real difference through hard work, advocacy, motivation and education. You can nominate your San Diego County Champion from Wednesday, May 1 to Friday, May 31 online at

Candidates for Parks Champion Awards may be individuals, community leaders or representatives who meet the following criteria:
• Live and work in San Diego County (efforts submitted cannot be a part of one’s job)
• Have a proven track record of outstanding volunteer service and success
• Work hard to bring an idea of a program to reality that can improve the quality of life for a particular group or the full community
• Be an advocate for local parks, regional preserves, recreational programming and/or outdoor education
• Be a leader who motivates people and inspires others to act, who can serve as a spokesperson for initiatives that support parks, preserves, recreation and education
• Rally behind programs that promote sustainability and conservation

Finalists will be recognized July 11, 2019 at a special awards banquet, and will receive two nights of free camping at one of eight San Diego County campgrounds.*


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