1. The Virgin Islands Pace Runners Quiz #2

The Virgin Islands Pace Runners celebrated its 30th anniversary (2008-09). Over these years thousands of runners, local and those from far away, have taken part in V.I.Pace events.

In an effort to revisit the history of running in the Virgin Islands, these quizes will jog the minds of runners past and present and generate information that will add to the history of our sport.

* 1. This runner was the first female V.I.Pace runner

* 2. Who was the first woman to win the Olympic Marathon?

* 3. What is the longest oldest continuing road race in the Virgin Islands?

* 4. Of all the marathons in the world, which has the most runners?

* 5. What media personality finished the Marine Corps Marathon in 1994?

* 6. What Virgin Islands marathon runner ran in three Olympic marathons?

* 7. Which half-mararathon has its finish line and post-race the Atlantic Ocean?

* 8. What famous politician finished the Marine Corps Marathon in 1997?

* 9. The Virgin Islands introduced this Central America and Caribbean Championship to our region in 1982 and held it in St. Croix in 1990. What was this competition?

* 10. This runner was often called "the father of long distance running", he was an ultra marathon pioneer, an Olympic marathoner and help develop the course technique for measuring marathon and road race courses. Most recently he was honored by the Society of Olympic Marathon Runners.

* 11. The person who answers the most questions correctly in this quiz and is first to submit them before the deadline below wins the prize from our sponsor:

Please complete the quiz and provide the following SUNDAY February 15, 2010!
All questions and blanks must be completed...