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* 1. Do you think role of NGO is important in order to running the Microcredit Schemes successfully?

* 2. Microcredit has helped people dealing with their financial problems and improves their economic condition

* 3. Kindly tick the most appropriate

  Yes No
Poorest of the social class want to be self employed
Credit is the main financial service to the poor’s need.
Credit access translates into successful micro-enterprise
Those just above the poverty line do not need microcredit

* 4. The unpaid and non performing loan in the Microcredit increases over a period of time.

* 5. The peer pressure for the repayments of Grameen Model is the most effective and influential aspect of this microcredit scheme

* 6. Microcredit helps woman to empower.

* 7. Kindly tick the most appropriate

  Yes No
Do you agree that success of microcredit is subject of the requirements of credit in a particular society.
Microcredit helps dealing with poor economic conditions of poor in different parts of the world?

* 8. Microcredit is an effective tool for the poverty alleviation

* 9. Kindly chose the option true or false for Microcredit in Bangladesh?

  True False
It improves the status of woman in the society.
It improves the economic conditions of poorest of poor in the society.
It creates job and employment opportunities.
It has potential to eliminate poverty.

* 10. Kindly provide the following information