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Please can you spare a few minutes of your time to take part in a Footwear survey. We are interested in knowing all about you - what shoes you buy, your shoe size,how you buy and where you buy. This survey is all about you and your shoe buying habits.

Many thanks in advance for taking your time to complete this survey

* 1. What type of shoes do you wear?

* 2. What type of heel do you wear?

* 3. Do you have narrow feet?

* 4. Do you have wide feet

* 5. What shoe size are you?(UK size)

* 6. Do you wear Half sizes?

* 7. If you wear over size 8(42), do you find it hard to find fashionable shoes?

* 8. Where do buy your shoes from?

* 9. If you do not buy buy from the internet, please give reason

* 10. How often do you buy shoes?

* 11. What is the most you would spend on a pair of shoes?

* 12. Which designer shoes do you like? 1 being most favourite, 7 being the least favourite

* 13. What is important to when buying shoes? 1 being most important and 5 being the least important

* 14. Are you employed?

* 15. How much do you earn annually?

* 16. Are you a student?

* 17. Do you live with a partner?

* 18. Which weekly magazines do read?

* 19. Which monthly fashion magazines do you read?