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* 1. About you:

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* 2. Which part of the casino do you work in?

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* 3. Work Life Balance Committees

The Work-Life Rostering Committee is a new entitlement members won in negotiating our new EA. This new committee will be established in April this year. This committee’s role is to ensure we receive fair rosters.

Would you like to nominate for the Work-Life Rostering Committee?

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* 4. Health and Safety Representation

If you are interested in nominating for a departmental health and safety committee you first need to make clear you want to be a health and safety representative.

If you are a health and safety representative on your departmental health and safety committee you can then nominate to represent your department on the peak Employer Health and Safety Coordination Group.

Are you interested in being a health and safety representative?

Once you have registered an organiser will contact you about the next steps and provide you with more information about your role.