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Over the past 2+ years, the future of hockey in the City of Hamilton has been debated and put very much in flux. Beginning with discussions of fully “Open Borders” across the city for representative hockey and following to discussions of amalgamations and member partner changes (OMHA to Alliance Hockey) - it has become clear that change is coming in some form whether we choose to be part of the movement or not.

The boards of the AMHL and GMHA felt early on that a FULL Hamilton solution was not the answer, however - agreed that there were significant issues that would need to be dealt with to ensure the strength of hockey in our respective communities.

The OMHA came forward to our organizations - as well as all other organizations in the city - with a Pilot Program offer that would address the major issues that all associations had raised. We posted this discussion on our respective websites in April:  

Ancaster -
Glanbrook -

Our boards (AMHL and GMHA) pushed back to the OMHA and rather than forcing this pilot into place immediately (for the 2018/2019 season) - we voted to give ourselves time to work through the issues that would be involved.

Over the past 10 months, the two boards formed a Pilot Committee to meet together and and work through questions and decisions that would impact the success of this program. This work culminated in our Town Hall meeting last month (December 10) at the Warplane Heritage Museum and continues throughout the remainder of our current season and launch of the inaugural Glancaster Bombers season in 2019/2020.

Help us and work with us to make this initiative a success for our kids, our families, and our associations. At the root of these changes - we are striving to build strong roots in our communities and offer a fun, safe, and challenging hockey program.

Yours in Hockey,

Ancaster Minor Hockey and Glanbrook Minor Hockey

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* 1. Have you had the opportunity to receive and review the information put forward by the two boards (AMHL and GMHA) over the past 10 months?