• The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us understand how well the online delivery of this learning unit enabled you to learn.
• Each one of the 10 statements asks about your experience in this learning unit.
• There are no " right" or wrong answers; we are interested only in your opinion. Please be assured that your responses will be treated with a high degree of confidentiality, and will not affect your assessment.
• Your responses will help us to improve the way this learning unit is presented online.

* 1. Relevance:
In this online learning unit.....

my learning focuses on issues that interest me.

* 2. Interaction

In this online learning unit...

I explained my ideas to other participants in the discussion forum

* 3. In this online learning unit...

discussions reveal satisfactory insight and provide additional information to participants
In this online learning unit...

* 4. Reflection

In this online learning unit...

I think critically about ideas in the learning unit, discussion forum and resources.

* 5. In this online learning unit

I think critically about what I learn