Florida Healthy Homes Consortium

In 2011, the Florida Department of Health established the Florida Healthy Homes Consortium to bring health and housing professionals together. The Consortium is a statewide, voluntary partnership of organizations and individuals who are committed to promoting housing that is healthy, safe, affordable and accessible through community and state level actions. The purpose of the Consortium is to establish a network for sharing expertise and for working together to improve quality of life, reduce health care costs, and promote community and economic development by reducing existing health hazards in housing and preventing new hazards from developing.

The Consortium will work together to:
• Develop and implement the 2012-2014 Florida Healthy Homes Strategic Plan;
• Promote the healthy homes approach (address multiple hazards in homes through a holistic and comprehensive approach) by increasing awareness of environmental risk factors in homes (e.g., lead-based paint, mold, carbon monoxide, pesticides and hazardous household products) through community and family education, and access to trainings, services and resources;
• Build and enhance effective partnerships to improve environmental health capacity;
• Promote environmental justice to reduce disparities in the accessibility of healthy, safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly homes by focusing on vulnerable populations to ensure they are protected from housing-related hazards and deficiencies;
• Communicate the business case and opportunity for return on investment through a healthy homes approach to home and property owners, landlords, families and health insurers so that housing and health care costs for individuals, businesses and government programs are reduced;
• Guide cities and counties in the development of effective systems to improve the prevention, reduction or elimination of housing-related health hazards in Florida that may result in disease, illness, injury and/or death, and how to find and leverage resources that support these systems;
• Establish surveillance and monitoring efforts for healthy homes variables; and
• Evaluate activities, and achieve sustainability.