1. HUG - halFILE Users Group Conference

In the past, hundreds of halFILE Users have described the halFILE Users Group Conference (HUG) as beneficial, constructive and effective. We are trying to determine if our halFILE Users have an interest in attending a HUG Conference in 2009. If we have HUG this year, it would be held in Austin, TX this fall, and the cost would be approximately $499 pp for the 2 day conference.
To help us make a decision that will best serve your needs, please respond to this survey by August 10. Your opinion is very important, so please let us know what you think!

* 1. Your Name and Company Name

* 2. Are you interested in attending a HUG-halFILE Users Group Conferece in the forth quarter of 2009?

* 3. If you answered yes or maybe, please tell us which dates in 2009 would work best for you.

* 4. In addition to the general sessions, would you be interested in a day of training that includes classes for the general halFILE User and for the halFILE Administrator? Please indicate which class type you are interested in, or check both if you are interested in both.

* 5. Please indicate your preference on attending HUG in 2009 and 2010

* 6. Please list any halFILE Users within your organization that should be included in our contact list to receive information on halFILE training, user group meetings, new product releases and new version releases (include name, email address, and mailing address).