As challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic remain and the community's transportation needs evolve, the Corpus Christi Regional Transit Agency (CCRTA) must prepare to adapt to a changing landscape and better serve the people of Corpus Christi. The CCRTA’s Long-Range System Plan will provide a clear vision, priorities, and executable plan to guide the future of the agency with the aim of increasing ridership throughout its services.

The goal of this survey is to present you with, and obtain your feedback on, proposed long-range service alternatives for public transit in Corpus Christi that have been introduced for the Long-Range System Plan:
  • Scenario 1: Improved Connections
  • Scenario 2: High Frequency Corridor Alternative
  • Scenario 3: Long-Range Expansion Plan
Each alternative has its own focus and suggestions: more information regarding each of them is provided in the following section. This survey will also provide you with the opportunity to share your opinion and feedback on each option - your input is very important in order to help shape the future of transit in Corpus Christi.