* 1. What is your age ?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. How long have you attended FLC?

* 4. How many minutes do you live from FLC?

* 5. How did you first become attracted to FLC? (Check all that apply)

* 6. How often do you attend worship at FLC?

* 7. In the past three years my attendance:

* 8. Choose four areas that are important to you:

* 9. What are the areas you feel need the greatest assistance, Choose 3:

The term grow does not simply imply more people, though that would be nice, mostly it means developing a growing spiritual life which in turn will increase attendance.

* 10. A new church worker in the _________ will help FLC grow best, Choose 3:

Please consider our budget, current level of giving and near term needs when answering the following questions.  If you feel one area needs a full time person then it most likely forces the other areas to not have a paid individual.  We may be able to afford two part-time but it could be financially tight. We would need to be able to hire the individual(s) at a cost of no more than $78,000 per year. 

* 11. In order for the Senior Pastor to have a quality family life and be able to fully serve FLC, I believe?

* 12. FLC will grow through a youth program?

* 13. FLC will grow from community outreach?

* 14. FLC will grow through young families

* 15. The main reason(s) that FLC congregation exists Choose 3, excluding worship and spiritual growth:

* 16. Rank the strengths of the FLC congregation, Choose 5:

* 17. Rank the areas that need the most improvement in the FLC congregation, Choose 3:

These questions are for long range planning (three to ten years down the road):

* 18. The House of Grace: Please respond in order to help the long term planning committee serve you better. As many of you know, within two years the Family Promise organization will be leaving the House of Grace. The purpose of this question is simply planning for the future. Please vote for one of the following choices so we will know where to spend our time for research of options. Those options will be presented to the congregation at a date.

* 19. If giving picks up and the ministry area is adequately covered I would like FLC to focus on, pick 3 areas from the list below. Rank your first selection (1) which is the most important to (3) the least.

  First Second Third
Youth program that reaches the youth of First and the unchurched youth of Missoula
Bible studies
 College Ministry
Outreach to Veterans
Marriage Ministry
Young family programs
Outreach to fallen away members
Building our Christian School Programs

* 20. Again, in the next five years I hope we are able to add a _____________here at First:

* 21. If you answered other,  please state reason and desired position: