How You Can Help

St. Bartholomew School continues to offer a rigorous, well-developed Catholic education that gives each student the individualized attention and resources needed to grow academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Like you, our students continue to excel in the classroom, on the field, and in the community.

While our area public schools top the rankings year after year, there is a sense that something is missing from their programs; something that made St. Bart's so special... something that you helped to create and can still be a part of, and that is our community.  Whether you have children or not, I invite you to visit, tour the greatly improved campus, and catch up with familiar faces.  Alumni are always invited to special events such as our Christmas pageant, annual gala, golf tournament, or to celebrate High Holy Days with our Parish.

I ask that you take a few minutes to reflect on your time here at St. Bart's and answer the questions below.  We are particularly interested in learning how your experiences at St. Bart's helped prepare you for the life choices and educational and career opportunities you have pursued.

Did you know success doesn't come cheaply?  Our intimate school community requires $1.5M annually to operate at a high-level while keeping the costs of a St. Bart's tuition affordable and competitive. Tuition dollars alone cannot provide critical resources that allow us to improve our facilities, enhance instructional materials, offer more enrichment programs across grade levels, and to make a St. Bart's education accessible to those who need it.  Please consider making a gift in the amount of your graduation year (ex: $19.99 or $199.90). Give here!

By participating in this survey, you will help us to identify what we do well and areas in which we need to improve-- information that will benefit future generations of St. Bart's students.

Neda Ghassabeh '99
Director of Admissions & Development

* 1. I felt St. Bart's offered a challenging academic experience that prepared me well for high school and beyond.

* 2. I had a positive overall experience at St. Bart's.

* 3. My teachers acknowledged and celebrated my achievements outside the classroom (sports, extracurricular, etc).

* 4. I felt safe, supported, and well-cared for by other parents and teachers.

* 5. Events and traditions I loved were:

* 6. If I lived locally and had children, I would consider sending my child(ren) to St. Bart's.

* 7. Where did you go?

* 8. Did you receive any academic or merit based scholarships, grants, or awards?

* 9. What is your job title or role?

* 10. Optional: Stay in Touch!