Graduation Feedback

This year, we had 95% of our Grade 12 students attend the Graduation Ceremony but only 58% attended the Graduation Banquet. We would like to obtain your feedback on the event in order to help inform our future planning.

* 1. Did you find the Grad Ceremony venue suitable?

* 3. If you attended the banquet, did you feel that it was worth the price you paid?

* 4. If you did not attend the banquet, why didn't you?

* 5. Would you recommend to next year's grade 12 parents that they attend the Banquet?

* 6. What was your favourite part of the Graduation day?

* 7. How can we increase the number of students attending the Banquet?

* 8. Did you stay for the dance after the Banquet?

* 9. Would you attend a dance at the school after the Ceremony?

* 10. Do you have any suggestions to improve the experience for all Graduands?