Human Resources Service Center - Client Satisfaction Survey

Human Resources Service Center promotes a positive, productive working and learning environment through the provision of expert, consultative human resource programs and services in support of the University's mission. The Human Resources Service Centre (HRSC) has become the nucleus of Human Resources Services. Our Strategic Objective is to deliver core services in a timely, accurate and uninterrupted manner.

As trusted advisors, we facilitate a culture of engagement, encourage continuous improvement and foster collaborative relationships. As the initial point of contact for professional human resources and pay-related support to McMaster managers, faculty, staff and retirees, the Human Resources Service Centre team is dedicated to delivering accurate, timely and consistent service and advice.

* 1. Please indicate your status with the University.

* 2. Please identify the area(s) of the Human Resources Service Center(HRSC) that you interacted with:

* 3. In your most recent customer service experience with the Human Resources Service Centre, how did you contact the representative?

* 4. Did the representative.... (check all that apply)

* 5. How long did it take to have your inquiry resolved?

* 6. Did the representative... (check all that apply)

* 7. How would you rate the consistency of service and advice received from the Service Centre?

* 8. Overall, how satisfied are you with the level of customer service from the Human Resources Service Center(HRSC)?

* 9. What additional services if any would you like the Human Resources Service Center(HRSC) to provide?

* 10. Optional Information -   To help us better analyze our data, it would be helpful if you can provide you date of interaction with HRSC and the topic of your inquiry.

* 11. Additional Comments / Suggestions.