* 1. Please provide your name and contact information.

* 2. All content areas in grades K-2, which includes Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics, are currently taught to your child in English for one half of the day and in Cup'ik for one half of the day. After much research and discussion we have determined that it is best for the students to be instructed all day in one language. With that in mind, please respond to the following statement.
Beginning next year if given the choice, I want my child taught with full _________ language instruction for Kindergarten through Third grade, or you may select "No Preference" if you have no preference.

* 4. The Cup'ik Language is spoken in my home _______________ percent of the time.

* 5. How many people in your home speak Cup'ik fluently?

* 6. I can read and write Cup'ik.

* 7. I am willing to volunteer time for the Cup'ik Language Program if my child is accepted in it.

* 8. Due to the limited supply of Certified Cup'ik speaking instructors, not all students will be able to enroll in the Cup'ik Language Program. To be accepted into the Cup'ik Language program you must complete a Lottery Application Form and commit yourself and your child to the full four year program. Please indicate, "Yes" or "No" that you understand that your child may or may not be accepted into the Cup'ik Language Program based on the Lottery Application Process.

* 9. Please take this opportunity to let us know your thoughts about Chevak School expanding the Cup'ik Language program to full day and adding another grade level. Quyana Ceknaq!