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Dear Neighbor,
Thank you again for the opportunity you have given me to represent you in Santa Fe. As we prepare for the upcoming legislative session, I wanted to get your perspective on important issues we will consider when the legislature convenes later this month. Please take the time to fill out the the survey below.
Thank you!

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* 2. THREE STRIKES: New Mexico’s current three strikes law is so ineffective that it has never been used. The proposal would add ten violent crimes to the list of crimes that count as strikes under the Three Strikes law.

* 3. ENROLL INMATES IN MEDICAID: A large percentage of inmates in jails and prisons are struggling with mental illness and/or substance abuse. By enrolling those who are eligible for Medicaid, we can provide health care coverage so that they can receive the mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse treatment they need. The proposal requires correctional facilities to facilitate the inmate’s enrollment in Medicaid prior to being released.

* 4. PRE-TRIAL DETENTION PRESUMPTIONS: The Supreme Court's implementation of the 2016 Bail Reform Constitutional Amendment have resulted in violent criminals being released and committing additional crimes while awaiting trial. The proposal would create a presumption that someone needs to be held without bail if they committed a felony while out on release for another felony, if either one of the felonies involved violence or the potential for violence.

* 5. JUDICIAL EVALUATION FOR CRIMINAL JUDGES: The public deserves to be informed about the effectiveness of criminal judges when they are deciding whether to retain the judge or not. The proposal requires an evaluation process of criminal judges.

* 6. MATCHING FUNDS FOR RETENTION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT PROTECTION FUND: New Mexico has the worst property crime rate in the country and is ranked as the 2nd most violent state. The proposal allows for retention bonuses for law enforcement officers who have at least 20 years of service, this proposal keeps experienced law enforcement officers patrolling the streets.

* 7. FELON-IN-POSSESSION: Convicted felons who possess firearms and have a history of violent crime are more likely to use that firearm to commit another serious felony. The proposal Increases the penalty for being a felon in possession of a firearm from a fourth-degree felony to a third-degree felony.


* 8. REDUCE ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS: A recent study by Think New Mexico reports that only 57.2% of the education budget gets to the classroom. The proposal would restrict what is spent on Administrative Overhead instead of in the classroom.

* 9. EARLY CHILDHOOD: Providing increased access to early childhood education has proven benefits. The proposal would use savings from reducing administrative costs to fund early childhood education programs.

* 10. TEXT ALERT TO PARENTS: Parents who are made aware of their children’s school attendance and about upcoming tests are more likely to address these items early and help their children succeed in school. The proposal would require school districts to notify parents by text message of a student who is absent or about upcoming tests.

* 11. GRADUATION PLAN: In San Marcos, Texas, the school superintendent added a requirement that students complete an application to the nearby community college. The result was an 11-percentage point increase in the number of students who attended college. The New Mexico proposal would require that students apply to a college or have committed to an internship, apprenticeship, or military service as well as get information on financial aid before graduating.


* 12. TAX REFORM: New Mexico's sales tax (known as the "Gross Receipts Tax") is regularly rated as one of the worst in the country and is a huge barrier to economic growth. It is especially bad because the tax is added at each step in the chain of commerce (this is known as "tax pyramiding"), all of which gets passed on to the final consumer. The proposal would lower the rate from one of the highest in the region and would eliminate the tax on services one business provides to another business so that the cost of final product is lower for the ultimate consumer.

* 13. Anything else on your mind?