Manchester Library Story Time Survey

The Manchester Public Library wants to ensure our free Story Time program meets your and your child’s needs. Would you complete this brief survey to let us know how a Story Time program would work best for you? Thank you! – Deborah Cumberledge, 937-386-0092

* 1. Were you aware the Manchester Library offers Story Time?

* 2. Have you ever attended Story Time before with your child?

* 3. How old is/are your child/ children?

* 4. What’s the main reason you don’t attend Story Time?

* 5. Story Time is currently on Mondays at 10:30 a.m. What is the best time for you to attend Story Time with your child?

* 6. What is the best day for you to attend Story Time with your child?

* 7. What would make Story Time more appealing to you and your child?

* 8. What kind of children's activities would you like to attend at the library?