* 1. ACORN Vision - Finish this sentence "ACORN's vision is for Australian patients to receive...

* 2. ACORN Values - Finish this sentence "ACORN values...

* 3. The word "unity" can be defined as "the state of being united or joined as a whole" - True or False?

* 4. When you join your local perioperative association you are automatically part of the national organisation known as ACORN – True or False?

* 5. The Journal of Perioperative Nursing in Australia is not automatically included in your ACORN or Local Association membership – True or False?

* 6. ACORN now offers the availability for members to insure for Professional Indemnity Insurance through Guild Insurance – True or False?

* 7. As a member of ACORN the benefits include the eligibility to join the QANTAS Club at corporate rates. QANTAS stands for:

* 8. Research into perioperative practice strengthens and advances our practice and patient safety. Membership to ACORN includes eligibility to receive research grants up to...

* 9. The ACORN Standards guide best practice and therefore advance patient safety. ACORN provides member perioperative nurses with access to a personal copy for ...

* 10. Perioperative nurses attend the biennial ACORN national conference because of ..

* 11. ACORN produces a quarterly journal for members. The journal is known as the:

* 12. Members benefit from the ACORN partnership with Elsevier books by:

* 13. The cost to ACORN members for ACORN's educational Webinars is

* 14. ACORN members who "like" our Facebook page have immediate alerts about

* 15. The ACORN Board of Directors are all volunteer perioperative nurses – True or False?

* 16. Membership fees are tax deductible – True or False?

* 17. Use the slider below to show the percentage of funding that ACORN receives from the State and Federal Government Bodies.

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