The Power of Our Stories: Lift Every Voice

“Community is the richest soil in which to plant the seeds of change and social justice. The power of 'lifting every voice' has anchored and sustained the Encampment’s work and our vision for a world shaped by the principles of democracy and justice.” — Jane Sapp

At the 2019 EFC InterGen, join us in celebrating our new organizational and community partnerships in Ventura County and on the Central Coast.

We will share our stories, celebrate our rich cultural diversity and resilience, remember our history, and connect our struggles.

The 2019 Encampers will share their hands-on experiences and what they’ve learned about immigration, labor and environmental issues. They will present their action plans for how they want to take their experience and translate it into action in their home communities.

We invite all alums, parents, community partners, and supporters to join us, share your experiences as activists and justice seekers, and support young people's activism.

Only have Saturday available? Or only Saturday evening? Choose by replying YES to the time period(s) you are available. If you are sharing meals, we need to know by Wednesday, July 3.

At the seventh annual InterGen:

Celebrate our rich cultural diversity and the accomplishments of this summer’s program
Participate in interactive community building activities (some led by the Encampers!)
Hear from local community leaders and activists about the initiatives they are working on and the EFC's collaboration.
Explore ways to support the 2019 Encampers' action plans as they prepare to translate this experience into action at home.


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E-mail or call 831-515-6775 if you need help with figuring out the total.

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