How do you feel about the future of cannabis in Humboldt?

Please select one answer for each of the following 10 questions. This survey is anonymous, IP address's are not recorded. Visit to view future results.

* 1. Do you live in Humboldt County?

* 2. Do you support the decriminalization of marijuana?

* 3. Do you support medical marijuana in California?

* 4. Would you like to see cannabis legalized in California in 2016?

* 5. Would you like to see industrial hemp (non-psychoactive cannabis) grown in Humboldt?

* 6. Would you like to see Humboldt County become a tourist destination for people to experience cannabis culture?

* 7. Would you like seeing personal use cannabis openly grown in residential areas of Humboldt County (i.e. on balconies and in backyard gardens)?

* 8. Would you support cannabis being legally sold in downtown areas of Humboldt County cities and towns?

* 9. Should cannabis consumption be allowed in qualified private business's in Humboldt County i.e. private clubs, dispensaries, tea houses, and/or cafes?

* 10. Would you like to see local credit unions supplying cannabis businesses with accounts and loans?