Though secondary mental health services within Plymouth are excellent, they could be greatly improved by the provision of a ‘Crisis House’.

What is a ‘Crisis House’? - Crisis houses offer intensive short-term support so that you can manage and resolve your crisis in a residential (rather than hospital) setting.

What is a ‘Crisis’? - A crisis is considered to be when your normal methods of coping are not working, resulting in a rapid deterioration in your mental health that results in a need for psychiatric professional involvement.

Why could mental health services be improved with a Crisis House? - At the moment when a service user is in crisis, they are likely to be helped by the Home Treatment Team. Though these daily visits are helpful, when a service user is unable to cope at all, a greater level of intervention should be available, without it becoming a need for going into hospital. Therefore, a residential setting would be more appropriate, here the service user could get help from a trained person at any time of day or night, when needed.

So…. A list of questions… your answers will be used to create an idea of whether people think this is a good idea for Plymouth to have a Crisis House.

* 1. Do you think you would use a Crisis House when you were finding it difficult to cope?

* 2. Do you think it is important to have qualified staff present all the time?

* 3. Do you think the Crisis House could be run by volunteers, who would perhaps not be qualified, but would be trained?

* 4. Do you think it would help to have organised activities such as art therapy, music therapy available?

* 5. Do you have any other ideas about the Crisis House? How it might be run, where it might be etc? or anything else you think would be good to know? Please write them in the area below.