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Welcome to Project VENT – an information-gathering exercise to learn from Veterans about their entrepreneurial experiences.

We want to hear from Veterans who are successful entrepreneurs – to learn how they went about setting up their business, what resources they used and what advice they can give to other Veterans as they transition from the Canadian military into the private sector. We also want to hear from Veterans who were unsuccessful to gain an understanding of the issues they faced and the supports they needed but that were unavailable to them. We also want to hear from aspiring entrepreneurs to learn what supports they might need to develop and implement their business.

We are Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC) –- Canada's Certifying Council for Disabled- and Veteran-owned businesses. We know that Veterans leave the military with a strong work ethic and the knowledge that it takes a team working together, with each member contributing their expertise and relying on the other, to successfully carry out a mission. Establishing a successful business in the private sector takes the same knowledge and skills! But some veterans are not able to access the team or resources they need for success.
That is the objective of this project! With what we hear from Veterans, we will:
·       gain an understanding of why some attempts to start a business fail while others succeed and use that understanding to create “tip” sheets for Veteran entrepreneurs and we will share them with you;
·       create usable, Veteran informed, information for companies on how to best support the Veteran community (supply chain, employees, customers, programs); and
·       establish a body of current Veteran entrepreneurs for follow-up surveys on emerging topics.
This survey is the first in an ongoing series to continue to inform Canadians about Veterans who own their own businesses.

For this initiative to be successful, we need to hear from you!

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